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Art Historian Warren Perry said it well, “Portraiture authenticates ones legacy and biography.”  Portraiture also celebrates the love between friends and within families. It is a great privilege to be a part of history and people’s lives through art. I take my art very seriously.  When painting a subject I look for the right expression and the best angles to present them.  I consider their needs. The love I give them is through brilliant brushwork.

Warren Perry named Ralph Cowan as the number one portrait painter in the world in a 2009 lecture at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. He has painted more reigning monarchs and world leaders than any other painter in history. And, our many family subjects from adults to children have loved his fun and light personality.

History in the Making:  My 1984 painting of His Holiness Pope John Paul II will take its place in history at the Pope John Paul II Center in Krakow, Poland where he was born and raised. Archbishop of Krakow, Cardinal Dziwisz who was His Holiness’s personal assistant and friend during his office has prayed that we are able to secure a benefactor for the “Holy Masterpiece” 48” circular, oil on canvas. On May 1, 2011, His Holiness will be honored with the rite of beatification and shortly after be declared a Saint. What a great honor to have created the painting that will express His Holy magnificence forever. If you would like to be connected and have your family named emblazoned with this soon to be famous and everlasting painting, please contact Steve Mohler at (561)655-2636 or (561) 723-3978.

We are also accepting portrait commissions.

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